Collide is an industrial rock/darkwave band founded in 1992, in Los Angeles, California, USA, that has incorporated elements of trip hop, darkwave, techno and music from the Middle East into their sound. Their imagery is a wicked and neo-dark version of Scheherazade Arabian Nights tales.

The name comes from the collision of musical styles - primarily the ethereal vocals provided by kaRIN and the electronic music provided by Statik. Collide's debut album, Beneath the Skin, was released in 1996, followed by a remix album, Distort, in 1998. Dissatisfied with the music industry, Collide started their own record label, Noiseplus Music, and in 2000, they released their second album, Chasing the Ghost.

Three years later, they released their third studio album, Some Kind of Strange. The following year, the band released another remix album, Vortex, containing remixes by numerous remix artists, including Charlie Clouser. Joining kaRIN and Statik this time around, and for their first live performances a little later in the year, were Scott Landes (guitar), Rogerio Silva (guitar), Chaz Pease (drums), and Kai Kurosawa (Warr guitar/bass).

Collide has recently released a DVD, entitled "Like the Hunted," and are currently working on their next album. They have also recorded with Curve's Dean Garcia in a project called The Secret Meeting. The album, Ultrashiver, was released under their Noiseplus label on June 26.



Full Time Members

  • kaRIN (vocals, lyrics)

 Live Members

  • Scott Landes(guitar)
  • Rogerio Silva (guitar)
  • Chaz Pease (drums)
  • Kai Kurosawa (warr guitar/bass)



Title Date of release (U.S.) Record label
The Crimson Trial (Cassette Demo) - Private Release
Beneath The Skin 1996 Re-Constriction/Cargo Records
Distort 1998
Chasing The Ghost October 31, 2000 Noiseplus Music
Some Kind Of Strange April 22, 2003
Vortex April 20, 2004
Live At The El Rey 2005

Releases with Dean Garcia/The Secret Meeting

Title Date of release (U.S.) Record label
Shiver X EP June 26, 2007 Noiseplus Music
Ultrashiver June 26, 2007 Noiseplus Music
Shooting Laser Beams November 16, 2007 Noiseplus Music