Hardcore punk, now commonly known as hardcore, is a subgenre of punk rock that originated in North America in the late 1970s. In North America, hardcore punk emerged with a new sound, which was generally thicker, heavier, and faster than standard punk rock. It is sometimes characterized by short, loud, and passionate songs about serious topics such as government, capitalism, anarchism, war, and the hardcore subculture itself.



Black flag

Minor threat

Dead Kennedys

Circle jerks

Husker du

The misfits

Negavtive approach

Sadistic exploits


Biofeed back

Mutual assured destruction

Rap rock is a musical genre that fuses the techniques of hip hop, gangsta rap, heavy metal, alternative rock, hardcore punk and sometimes funk. The genre is often referred to as rap-metal or sometimes rapcore. These two terms could also be used as sub-genres referring to the more heavy-metal-oriented and hardcore-punk-oriented bands respectively. It has also influenced some of the more recent music styles such as nu metal.




40 below


Black market hero


Body count

Bone crusher

Family force 5

House of pain



Kottenmouth kings

Linkin park

Methods of mayhem

One minute silence


Papa roach



Slipknot (Also heavily debated amongs the music community)

The used

Industrial metal is a musical genre that draws elements from industrial rock and heavy metal music. Industrial metal music is usually centered around metal guitar riffs and industrial rock synthesizer/sequencer lines, heavily distorted, very low pitched guitars, as well as harsh vocals, but in some instances can have clean vocals. This term is used quite loosely, describing everything from industrial rock bands sampling metal riffs to heavy metal groups augmented with sequencers and drum machines. Industrial metal encompasses industrial subgenres such as aggro-industrial and coldwave (see List of post-industrial music genres and related fusion genres) and often overlaps some elements of nu-metal and post-punk.

It is difficult to distinguish many industrial metal artists and industrial rock because both genres leave much room for ingenuity and creativity. By convention, all industrial metal artists may be more vaguely described as industrial rock as well, but not all industrial rock artists are properly described as industrial metal.


Bands include;

...And oceans

The axis of perdition

Circle of dust


Dead star assembly

December wolves



Front line assembly


Killing joke



The Kovenant

Nine inch nails


Out of your mouth


The project hate MCMXCIX

Anorexia nervosa

Dir en grey

Melodic black metal is a style of black metal. It is classified according to several key aspects; typical black metal characteristics, such as growled or shrieked vocals, blast beats, and heavily distorted guitars. The music, however, differs from traditional black metal in several ways. Heavy guitar riffs are used throughout the songs even though clean guitar sections are generally incorporated, and the appearance of guitar solos is not uncommon. Commonly, structure of songs are a little more conventional, and also incorporate strings and synths during various portions.

The genre reputably draws its roots from black metal and melodic death metal. Melodic black metal is sometimes confused with gothic metal, doom metal, and symphonic black metal due to similarities in the styles (slow tempos, occasional death screams, clean guitars, defined structures), which results in the erroneous genre classification and overlapping for many bands and albums (in particular, with symphonic black metal).

A song typically consists of harmonic minor scales, often modulating violently between minor chords by thirds (e.g., F♯m-Am-Cm, etc.) Many of the songs incorporate heavy guitar power chords, but unlike traditional black metal, the songs have at least some control on the volume, allowing the music to blend instead of sounding too "noisy". The songs usually begin with a melodic introduction, be it clean guitar or keyboards and usually move on to a more aggressive and distorted sound as the piece advances. Unlike typical black metal songs, melodic black metal compositions have, on the most part, very clearly defined bridges. Songs generally go from introduction to verse to a prechorus to chorus to verse to prechorus to chorus and then to a bridge. In a bridge the music can turn quite mellow, unlike black metal. The bridge, however, turns back into the verse or the black metal sound with a very swift and unexpected turn (usually a loud death grunt).

Unlike traditional black metal, melodic black metal usually revolves around deep structure and accessibility. The lyrical themes and main attributes, however, still come from black metal, with melodic black metal's lyrical subjects usually remaining the same (although many melodic black metal bands are not as aggressively anti-Christian). Like most black metal bands, the lyrics are usually quite aggressive, whether added intentionally or bearing the aggression of the lyricist. Heavy drumming and highly structured guitar riffs (usually played with what some call reverse, or inverted, power chords and tremolo picking) are the most prominent feature of the genre, entailing melodic structure deep within the composition and sound. Melodic black metal has remained, on the most part, uniquely an underground phenomena.


Bands (The list is much shorter then the paragraph about the genre)



...And oceans


Cradle of filth

Dark fortress




Mork gryning

Oriental metal is a form of folk metal that incorporates elements of traditional Middle Eastern music.The term "oriental metal" originated in Israel, where bands like Salem from the local doom and death metal scene began writing metal songs related to Jewish tragedies and biblical stories. This change did not only have an effect on the lyrics, but on the music as well; the bands added traditional Jewish instruments and applying slow death metal riffs, creating moving, emotional, apocalyptic music. Some of the bands have also composed death metal versions to ancient Jewish prayers and Psalms chants.

Since then, a few Oriental metal bands have begun to appear in other countries, namely Turkey and the Arab world. These bands combine the folk music of their respective ethnicity with various genres of heavy metal music, broadening the definition of oriental metal. Some bands are also influenced by the music of the Middle Eastern mythology, like Mesopotamia. The most notable bands in this genre are the Israeli bands Salem and [[Orphaned Land]], the Turkish band Mezarkabul, and the multi-ethnic band Melechesh.


What do you know a list of bands;

Ancient rites



Soul sacrifice


Christian punk (or Christ punk as it is also called as a reference to crust punk) is a form of Christian alternative music and a subgenre of punk rock with some degree of Christian lyrical content. Much disagreement persists about the boundaries of the subgenre, and the extent that their lyrics are explicitly Christian varies among bands.




The blamed

The crucified

Destroy the vile

Figure four

Fight to die

Grey skull

The last hope

No compromise

Not the majority

Our corpse destroyed

Relient K



Youth crew is a sub-genre of hardcore punk that was most popular from approximately 1986 to 1990, primarily in New York City and, to a lesser degree, Los Angeles. The sound was largely defined by a handful of highly-influential Revelation Records.


3 bands;

In my eyes

Chain of strength

Ten yard fight