Progressive metal is a sub-genre of heavy metal music which blends the powerful, guitar-driven sound of metal with the complex compositional structures, odd time signatures, and intricate instrumental playing of progressive rock. Some progressive metal bands are also influenced by jazz fusion and classical metal. Like progressive rock songs, progressive metal songs are usually much longer than standard rock songs, and they are often thematically linked in concept albums. As a result, progressive metal is rarely heard on mainstream radio and video programs.


Bands featured;

Age of silence





Balance of power

Becoming the archetype

Between the buried and me

Beyond twilight

Black heaven

The black mages

Blind illusion

Control denied

Dead soul tribe




Dream theatre

Ephel duath

Fates warning

The human abstract

Into enternity

In the woods...

Liquid tension experiment


Moonlight agony




Power of omens


Shadow gallery

Symphony X

Thought industry






Without face

Zero hour

Speed metal is a subgenre of heavy metal that spawned in the early 1980s and was the direct musical progenitor of thrash metal.The term speed metal has been broken down and specified with other terms under Heavymetal (typically thrash metal, power metal, and to a lesser extent, black metal) and is often succeeded by such terms when an artist's sound or style is specifically defined. The term 'speed metal' was also used in a very broad sense by some glam metal and NWOBHM groups during the 1980s. Many Japanese bands from the 1980s to the present can also be described as speed metal.


Bands listed;

3 inches of blood


Blind Guardian

Children of Bodom


Metallica (ONLY on select few tracks)


Iron angel

Living death


Power mad

Savage grace

Temple of blood


Storm warrior


Death industrial is a music genre that can be described as having much of the same source sounds as power electronics, but used to create a deep atmospheric sound. It often features a more flowing rhythm and deeper, less abrasive sound than power electronics.


Bands; (Not a long list here)

The grey wolves

Brighter death now

Atrax morgue

(Like I said short list)

Symphonic metal is a term used to describe heavy metal music that has symphonic elements; that is, elements that sound similar to a classical symphony. Symphonic metal is both a genre of metal and a name given to several subgenres of other metal genres, and as such, both forms of usage have slightly varying definitions. The genre refers to bands that combine aspects of varying metal genres, with signature female-led vocals and operatic/classical themes to give the music a feeling of being a symphony. When referring to bands from other genres, it refers to bands who use minor classical and operatic themes in the bands music similar as to what is found in the symphonic metal genre, to show they are more "symphonic" than normal bands of their genre. "Symphonic" can also describe metal with elements resembling non-symphonic classical music, although this definition is not frequently used.


Bands associated with this genre;


Dark moor

Dark lunacy


Dreams of sanity

Eternal tears of sorrow

Forgotten tales

The gathering

Gates of winter


Rain fell within

Scar symmetry



Mirror throne

Shadow gallery


Ambient industrial makes use of industrial principles such as use of anti-music, extra-musical elements and shock tactics, but wields these elements with more subtlety. Additionally, ambient industrial often has strong occultist tendencies, with a particular leaning toward Chaos Magick (the image of the black sun is one that comes up repeatedly in post-industrial music), often giving the music a highly ritualistic flavor.




Nocturnal emissions

Akira Yamaoka

Controlled bleeding


Deutsch nepal


Epic doom is often used as a description for traditional doom bands with a stronger medieval and/or fantasy influences in lyrics. It is quite common that these bands present a more progressive style. Also, vocals have a much more narrative, epic, or even theatrical presence. Epic doom traces its roots through more traditional metal such as Manowar and Iron Maiden in addition to emulating the concepts of pre-doom bands such as Black Sabbath. Some of today's most popular doom metal bands with this epic feel are veterans Candlemass and Solitude Aeturnus.


Really short list o bands;



Solitude aeturnus

Iron maiden

Stoner doom is very close to (or sometimes is) traditional doom, but with a more psychedelic edge. Stoner doom traces its roots in the psychedelic side of early Black Sabbath. Typical examples: (mid) Cathedral, Sleep, High on Fire and YOB. A significant borderline case is Electric Wizard, whose music can be sometimes seen as a mixture of traditional doom and stoner doom with clear tendencies towards sludge doom. For few bands as UK's Acrimony or California's Goatsnake is actually seen as a hybrid form of doom metal and stoner rock.





High on fire


Goat snake


Electric wizard