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Doom metal is a form of Heavy metal that emerged as a recognized metal sub-genre in the early/mid-1980s. Doom metal is heavier and slower than other metal genres. Lyrics play a very important role in this genre, and are traditionally rife with pessimism, evoking an atmosphere of darkness, despair and misery. Musically, doom metal is strongly influenced by the early work of Black Sabbath.



Acid bath

Ashen mortality

Black boned angel

Black Sabbath

Bretwaldas of heathen doom

Cryptal darkness


Cult of luna



The gates of slumber

High on fire

The hidden hand

Lake of tears

Memory garden

Mirror of deception

Mournful congregation

North winds

Novembers doom

The obsessed

Rune magick

Place of skulls

The prophecy

Shape of despair

Solitude aeturnus

Tales of dark




While heaven wept



Glam metal is a sub-genre of Heavy metal music that arose in the late 1970s - early 1980s in the Untited States. It was a dominant genre in popular Rock music throughout the 1980s and early 1990s (1983-1992). The genre is also referred to, often by detractors, as hair metal. This term was popularized by MTV in the 1990s and derives from the tendency amongst most bands to style their long hair in a teased-up fashion. During its heyday, the genre was often referred to as heavy metal or simply metal.


Bands include;

Celtic frost

Damage control

Electric angels

Heaven's edge


Kill for thrills


Little angels


Night ranger




Steel dragon




Wrath child

Brides of destruction

Bullets and octane


Scarlet rose

Gothic metal is a genre of Heavy metal music that originated during the mid 1990s in Europe as an outgrowth of doom - death, a fusion genre of doom metal and Death metal.

The definition of Gothic metal is commonly debated amongst fans and the media; older fans and musicians have a specific concept of the Gothic genre, based on the Gothic novel and aesthetic similarities to Gothic rock. Some less knowledgeable fans reject these criteria and refer to any female fronted metal band as Gothic.


Bands include;



Dreadful shadows

Flowing tears

Lacuna coil

Mortal love

On thorns I lay

Poison black



Theatres des Vampires

Theatre of tragedy

Within temptation

Power violence is a cross breeding of the musical genres hardcore punk and grindcore. Power violence is generally played at a frantic speed, often employing blast beats (which sounds like hardcore punk being played at grindcore tempos) with contrasting slow, sludgy parts.


Bands include;

Apartment 213

Black army jacket

The endless blockade

Forced expression

Nailed down

Hatred surge

Lack of interest

No comment

Melodic death metal (also referred to as melodeath and Gothenburg metal) is a subgenre of death metal. Originally the genre combined the harmony style and groove melodies of heavy metal with the harsh thrashing sound and vocals of death metal. Later the genre evolved due to many different influences, a notable evolution in the genre being the addition of keyboards.


List O bands;

The absence

Arch enemy

At the gates

Blood stain child

Callenish circle

Carnal forge

Children of Bodom

Ceremonial oath

Crimson death


Dark tranquility

Daylight dies

Edge of sanity

Eternal tears of sorroW

Fear my thoughts

Flesh crawl

The haunted

Immortal souls

Into eternity



Septic flesh

Shadows fall