1. Demonology And Heartache (Album Version) by Atreyu
2. Doomsday by Atreyu
3. Fork In The Road (Your Knife In My Back) by Atreyu
4. Chapter Four (Album Version) by Avenged Sevenfold
5. Seize The Day (Album Version) by Avenged Sevenfold
6. Unholy Confessions (Album Version) by Avenged Sevenfold
7. Can't Heal You by Five Finger Death Punch
8. The Devil's Own - Live by Five Finger Death Punch
9. White Knuckles by Five Finger Death Punch
10. Destroy Everything by Hatebreed
11. Doomsayer by Hatebreed
12. I Will Be Heard by Hatebreed
13. Better by Hoobastank
14. Born To Lead by Hoobastank
15. Crawling In The Dark by Hoobastank
16. Aftermath by Hurt
17. Dirty by Hurt
18. Falls Apart by Hurt
19. Leeches by In Flames
20. Ordinary Story by In Flames
21. Vacuum by In Flames
22. Holy Diver (Album Version) by Killswitch Engage
23. Life To Lifeless by Killswitch Engage
24. Reject Yourself (Album Version) by Killswitch Engage
25. Faint by Linkin Park
26. Nobody's Listening (Album Version) by Linkin Park
27. Shadow Of The Day (Album Version) by Linkin Park
28. For Whom the Bell Tolls by Metallica
29. One by Metallica
30. Prince Charming by Metallica
31. Iowa by Slipknot
32. Left Behind by Slipknot
33. Vermilion by Slipknot
34. Jungle Love by Steve Miller Band
35. Space Cowboy by Steve Miller Band
36. Take the Money and Run by Steve Miller Band
37. Bludgeoned to Death by Suicide Silence
38. Distorted Through Addiction by Suicide Silence
39. Eyes Sewn Shut by Suicide Silence
40. Aerials by System of a Down
41. Lonely Day by System of a Down
42. Violent Pornography by System of a Down
43. Falls Apart by Thousand Foot Krutch
44. Move by Thousand Foot Krutch

45. Upcomesdown by Thousand Foot Krutch


1. Higher by Creed
2. My Own Prison by Creed
3. Lithium by Evanescence
4. All Around Me by Flyleaf
5. I Stand Alone by Godsmack
6. Voodoo by Godsmack
7. Hide And Seek by Imogen Heap
8. Free Your Hate (Kaptn*S Krunch Mix) by KMFDM
9. I Am What I Am by KMFDM
10. Megalomaniac by KMFDM
11. Enjoy The Silence by Lacuna Coil
12. Heir Of A Dying Day by Lacuna Coil
13. Swamped (Radio Mix) by Lacuna Coil
14. My Way by Limp Bizkit
15. Shadow Of The Day (Album Version) by Linkin Park
16. Somewhere I Belong by Linkin Park
17. Lakini's Juice by Live
18. Overcome by Live
19. The Dolphin's Cry by Live
20. Putting Holes In Happiness by Marilyn Manson
21. Witch Hunt by MDFMK
22. Leader Of Men (Album Version) by Nickelback
23. Side Of A Bullet (Album Version) by Nickelback
24. Dead Souls by Nine Inch Nails
25. Come As You Are by Nirvana
26. Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana
27. Somewhere Out There by Our Lady Peace
28. Superman's Dead by Our Lady Peace
29. Going In Blind by P.O.D.
30. Youth Of The Nation by P.O.D.
31. Du Hast by Rammstein
32. Spiel Mit Mir by Rammstein
33. Weisses Fleisch by Rammstein
34. Tear You Apart by She Wants Revenge
35. These Things by She Wants Revenge
36. Walking With A Ghost (Album Version) by Tegan and Sara
37. Iris by The Goo Goo Dolls
38. All These Things That I've Done by The Killers
39. Read My Mind by The Killers
40. Smile Like You Mean It by The Killers
41. Why Don't You Get A Job? by The Offspring
42. Bitter Sweet Symphony by The Verve
43. The Freshmen by The Verve Pipe
44. Never Too Late by Three Days Grace

45. Riot by Three Days Grace


1. 3 Libras by A Perfect Circle
2. The Noose by A Perfect Circle
3. Evil Angel by Breaking Benjamin
4. The Diary of Jane by Breaking Benjamin
5. Unknown Soldier by Breaking Benjamin
6. Tears Don't Fall by Bullet For My Valentine
7. Blind Dumb Deaf (Album Version) by Cocteau Twins
8. Home by Daughtry
9. Over You by Daughtry
10. Soul Meets Body by Death Cab for Cutie
11. Into The Flood by Deepfield
12. The Silence by Deepfield
13. Your Forever by Deepfield
14. You Make Me Sick by Egypt Central
15. "The Take Over, The Breaks Over" by Fall Out Boy
16. I Don't Wanna Be In Love (Dance Floor Anthem) by Good Charlotte
17. The River (featuring M. Shadows and Synyster Gates) by Good Charlotte
18. Drive by Incubus
19. Wish You Were Here by Incubus
20. Enjoy The Silence by Lacuna Coil
21. Heavens A Lie (Acoustic) by Lacuna Coil
22. Swamped (Acoustic) by Lacuna Coil
23. In The End by Linkin Park
24. Shadow Of The Day (Album Version) by Linkin Park
25. Famous Last Words (Album Version) by My Chemical Romance
26. Helena (So Long and Goodnight) by My Chemical Romance
27. The Ghost Of You by My Chemical Romance
28. Dark Chest Of Wonders by Nightwish
29. Ghost Love Score by Nightwish
30. The Siren by Nightwish
31. Build God, Then We'll Talk (Album Version) by Panic! At The Disco
32. The Only Difference Between Martyrdom and Suicide Is Press Coverage (Album Version) by Panic! At The Disco
33. Creep by Radiohead
34. All My Problems by Smile Empty Soul
35. The Hit (Explicit) by Smile Empty Soul
36. This Is War by Smile Empty Soul
37. Iris by The Goo Goo Dolls
38. All That I've Got (Album Version) by The Used
39. Bitter Sweet Symphony by The Verve
40. Semi-Charmed Life by Third Eye Blind
41. Never Too Late by Three Days Grace
42. Riot by Three Days Grace
43. Drops Of Jupiter by Train

44. The Cross (Album Version) by Within Temptation